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Thoughts from Extrabold Design


Dot Whatever? New top-level domains are appearing, and they’re here to stay

The world of internet domain suffixes (e.g. ‘.com’) may not be the most exciting topic of conversation, but you will almost certainly have noticed some unusual-looking new domain names starting to appear and be wondering if (a) they are legitimate and (b) they’re just a passing fad that will one day disappear without trace. I can assure you that these new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are here to stay, and I’ll try and explain why. Read More


Time and the benefits of doing ‘nothing’

In common with most graphic designers I earn a living by selling my time – the time I spend (or anticipate spending) actually working on a project, what I call ‘studio time’, dictates how much I charge. Well, that’s the theory, anyway. So time is an important component in the development of an effective design. Read More


Welcome to Extrablog, thoughts from Extrabold Design

Well, we all have to start somewhere – so this is just a quick introduction to Extrablog.

The aim of this blog is to present ‘thought for the day’-type posts, mostly with a design angle, plus anything else I think might be worth sharing. Some (possibly much) of the content will be a bit quirky, but don’t be alarmed, that’s just me.

Many thanks for taking a look. I hope you enjoy reading the posts and find it useful, and please do let me have your comments and suggestions.

Image of Paul Williams

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