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Thoughts from Extrabold Design


Dot Whatever? New top-level domains are appearing, and they’re here to stay

The world of internet domain suffixes (e.g. ‘.com’) may not be the most exciting topic of conversation, but you will almost certainly have noticed some unusual-looking new domain names starting to appear and be wondering if (a) they are legitimate and (b) they’re just a passing fad that will one day disappear without trace. I can assure you that these new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are here to stay, and I’ll try and explain why. Read More


Boldly going beyond full colour: the spot colour bonus

There’s plenty of good-value promotional print available to everyone these days through online print shops, which by pooling print runs are able to bring affordable full-colour print to the masses in a way never experienced before.

Whilst this democratisation of commercial print is a good thing there is still a flaw in the system. The thing is, what is termed ‘full colour’ really falls well short of what could reasonably be described as, well, full colour. Full colour print uses the CMYK colour system – that’s the overlay of inks of the four ‘process’ colours, cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) and black (K) to render images and text in an approximation of visual spectrum colour. Read More

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